Friday, 19 October 2018

Sensitive Soul Hour

Hello readers,

I wasn't aware I had readers but, to my surprise, there are a few of you who view my self-pity/self-motivation entries. If you feel like I'm whining/vanting/victimizing myself too much in any blog entry just know that this blog is my diary. And I only share the most hurtful/frustrating aspects of my life here. It's a part of my reality; therefore it's fiction.

It's October. It's been October for a while now now. A little update. I am still unemployed. I have started working on starting my own business. Is it because I am scared of more rejection from corporate America? Yes...and no. I don't want to keep applying for jobs that are a "stepping stone". I don't want to keep hearing that I'm not good enough for jobs that I don't feel passionate about. And yes, I'll admit that if a friend were to tell the same exact things that I just told you, I would tell to not give up on finding a job and that everyone's first job is shit. But that's because I don't know my friends as well as I know myself. I know I can succeed.

 I want to have my own business because I have a vision - an idea that I want to bring into this world. I don't feel like sharing to you what my company plans entails, but I promise you that you will hear about it when it's up. I have given my self 1 year to make it happen. Make "it happen" to a degree where I can rely on it to make me enough money to be financial independent. During 8 months in and if I don't see a process or if it's not meeting my expectations to make money, I will get a job. Any job. That's it for now.

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